Saturday 10 December 2022

7 Alternatives to Microsoft Office

For decades Microsoft Office has been considered the gold standard creating documents, spreadsheets and databases. Sometimes to get all the features you wanted it could get too expensive. So, many people would try to find a good alternative but the few out there either weren't compatible and lacked features. Over the last few years with the growing popularity of the opensource community and cloud computing cheaper and free good alternatives to Microsoft Office have become more prevalent.

  • FreeOffice by SoftMaker is a good free Office is a fully functional alternative that runs on Windows, Linux and android systems. FreeOffice documents and spreadsheets can be saved in the format of the last few versions of Microsoft Office as well as some of the more popular alternative software packages.

  • OpenOffice has been one of the most downloaded free alternative office suites. The package comes with fully integrated writer, calc, base, draw, impress, math components that can be combined to meet all of your document needs. All documents can be saved in several formats including most versions of Microsoft Office. OpenOffice runs on Windows, Linux and Apple computers.

  • LibreOffice is another great free alternative that runs on on Windows, Linux and Apple platforms. LibreOffice looks and feels much like OpenOffice since they are both based on the same platform but LibreOffice is a slightly more agile version.

  • KingSoft is a free knockoff of Microsoft Office that comes to us for China. The full version of the suite runs on both Windows and Linux but they also have versions for most mobile devices. Since it is pretty much a copy of Microsoft Office it is fully compatible.

  • ZOHO docs is one of the many cloud-based office suites. The basic package that includes most of the components and 5GB of cloud storage are free. For more components and storage there are two tiers that have a small monthly charge.

  • Google docs is a great free cloud-based office suite that can be accessed through Google's homepage.

  • Iwork is a free cloud-based office suite for all Apple devices.