Saturday 10 December 2022

MS DOS Multiple Choice Questions - 4

1. Which file in MSDOS contain internal command that are loaded during booting process?

a. Io.sys

b. Msdos.sys


d. Config.sys

Correct Answer: c



2. Which is the valid filename assign in MS-DOS?

a. Ram*.txt

b. Ram?.doc

c. Ram_$.txt

d. None of above

Correct Answer: c



3. Which is valid extension that user creates on operating system?

a. Exe

b. Com

c. Sys

d. Bat

Correct Answer: d



4. Which of the following file names are invalid in MSDOS?


b. CHECK$.(1)

c. Verified.###

d. Qwerty.1?3

Correct Answer: d



5. Which of the following statements in regard to directories is false?

a. Directories can exist inside directories

b. The root directory is always at the highest level

c. Directories with files can be deleted

d. Directories cannot be renamed

Correct Answer: d



6. Which of the following statements is true in regard to diskcopy?

a. Copy and discopy are same

b. Discopy is a built in command in dos

c. Diskcopy can be used on hard disks

d. Diskcopy can be used with a floppy and a hard disk

Correct Answer: c



7. Which switch should be used in the DIR command to view files in all directories?

a. /p

b. /w

c. /s

d. /l

Correct Answer: c



8. Which type of command in DOS needs additional files for their execution?

a. Internal commands

b. External commands

c. Batch commands

d. Redirectors

Correct Answer: b



9. Which was the last version of MSDOS that was released separately?

a. 5.0

b. 6.0

c. 6.11

d. 6.22

Correct Answer: d



10. While working with MS-DOS which command is used to change the extension of all filenames ending with .txt to .doc?

a. Ren *.doc *.txt

b. Ren *.txt *.doc

c. Ren file.doc file.txt

d. Ren a: *.doc *.txt

Correct Answer: b



11. While working with MS-DOS which command is used to combine file1 plus file2 into new file named file3?

a. Copy file3 file1+file2

b. Copy file1+file2 file3

c. Copy file1+file2+file3

d. Copy file2 file1+file3

Correct Answer: b



12. While working with MS-DOS which command is used to copy all files with extension .txt into one file named all.txt?

a. Copy a: *.txt

b. Copy *.txt a:

c. Copy *.txt c:

d. Copy *.txt all.txt

Correct Answer: d



13. While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to more file from one directory to another?

a. Rename

b. Copy

c. Move

d. Cp

Correct Answer: c



14. While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to rename a file named file1.doc to file2.doc from a different directory called dir1?

a. Ren2.doc \dir\file1.doc

b. Ren file1.doc file2.doc

c. Ren .doc\dir\.doc

d. Ren \dir1\file1.doc file2.doc

Correct Answer: d



15. While working with which command is used to copy all files from the currently logged drive and directory with the extension .txt to the drive a

a. Copy a. *.txt

b. Copy *.txt a:

c. Copy *.txt c:

d. Copy *.txt all.txt

Correct Answer: b



16. Which command in DOS can be used to recover accidentally deleted files?





Correct Answer: a



17. Which command is used to set a name to a disk in DOS?


b. VOL



Correct Answer: c



18. Which of the following command display the name of files in sorted order?

a. Dir/o:n

b. Dir/so

c. Dir/an

d. Dir/ah

Correct Answer: a



19. Which command displays the list of all previous commands entered by the used?





Correct Answer: C